Exploring Security Concerns through a Wide Lense and Ensuring a Safe Camp Life for All Workers

September 23, 2014 10:35am

Nelson Ostrup CPP
Group Lead, Corporate Security, Strategy and Organization Development
Cenovus Energy Inc.

Staff Sergeant Jason Keays
Acting OIC Investigative Services Wood Buffalo Detachment

Angela C. Angel
Program Manager, Mobile Worker Wellness
Habitat Health Impact Consulting

  • Analyzing the experience of dry camps versus wet camps: Does an operator’s choice directly correlate with the degree of worker personal safety?
  • How are camp operators contending with drug use among camp residents and is it possible to implement a fool-proof narcotics-detection system?
  • Understanding the implications of the 2014 ban against random drug and alcohol tests and the next wave of challenges
  • Establishing pre-emptive strategies to contain potential violence in camps
  • Developing and training a security team to manage safety risks
  • Tools to assess the physical and social conditions of work camps and to provide evidence-based recommendations on how to optimize worker living space